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Marlborough Museum is in Brayshaw Heritage Park, surrounded by all things heritage! The Museum is known for its Wine Exhibition, Te Pokohiwi 1250 A.D. (Wairau Boulder Bank archaeology exhibiton), including the famous Jim Eyles Collection. Marlborough history (Captain James Cook, natural history), Victorian Rooms and the remarkable pottery collections of Elizabeth Lissaman, and Fran Maguire are also highlights!

The Museum celebrates an inspiring collection of items which tell the story of Marlborough. Open everyday 10 - 4, closed Christmas Day. Marlborough Archives are part of the Museum complex open 10 - 4 Tuesdays and by appointment on Thursdays. Contact us to make arrangements outside of these times if necessary.

Step outside, into the rest of Brayshaw Heritage Park, and be inspired by vintage cars, vintage machinery, and of course Beavertown, our replica street scene.

The Marlborough Museum Ambassador is Marlborough Champion, businesswoman, and journalist, Toni Gillan.

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Marlborough Archives Research Hours

Our small team is made up of dedicated staff who always endeavour to do their best, but please help us by being patient, and plan ahead, so that we can help you as best as we can. 

Please be advised that enquiries by email will be the easiest way that we can help you.

Archives Brochure (pdf 115Kb)



Beavertown is a replica street scene based on features of Blenheim around 1900.

"The Beaver", and "Beaver Station" were early names for what is now the town of Blenheim.

Riverlands Cob Cottage


Cob Cottage is the most visited historic building in Marlborough.

It is a good example of how early Marlburians constructed dwellings in a region without a close supply of timber. 


Cob Cottage Booklet (pdf)