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 18 July 5 p.m.

Tour by Torch Light family fun activity with the Executive Director  5 p.m.– 6 p.m. Bring your own torches.

On the 18 July we are offering a Tour by Torch Light!  Join us for family fun exploration of the museum at night with the Director, Steve Austin and Visitor Host Natalie Trayling. 

Contact Marlborough Museum to book your places: 578 1712  

29 July 2 p.m.

Surveying and Surveyors of Marlborough with Megan Ross and Melanie Newman.

Marlborough Historical Society Sunday Series 

Discussion of surveying in Marlborough from the 1840s to the 2000s with Managing Archivist Megan Ross and Archivist Melanie Newman.

20 August  6 p.m.

Exhibition Opening – Strong Women Standing Tall: Celebrating Marlborough Women 

Contact Marlborough Museum to book your places: 578 1712  


26 August 2 p.m.

Marlborough Suffragettes presentation by Rosemary Coyle. Marlborough Historical Society Sunday Series

Strong Woman Standing Tall. Presentation on Marlborough Woman and the Vote - Marlburian's stories and how women were empowered and made their own way in the world since woman won the right to vote in New Zealand in 1893.


30 September

Whales and Whaling with Jon Perano.

Marlborough Historical Society Sunday Series  2pm.

Jon Perano gives us a lively first-hand account of his experiences with whales from hunting to conservation.



Highlights from the Textiles Collection, Opening and floortalk 13 May 2 p.m.


Highlights from the Ceramics Collection

The Wine Exhibition, Te Pokohiwi Wairau Bar, Victorian Rooms, Wild Things - Natural History all continue.