Beavertown is a replica street scene based on features of Blenheim New Zealand around 1900.

Beavertown at Brayshaw Museum Park

beavertown.jpgBeavertown is a replica street scene based on features of Blenheim around 1900.


"The Beaver", and later on "Beaver Station", were early names for what is now Blenheim. The reference to Beavers comes from Marlborough's historical tendency to flood - often!


stuart_horse.jpgFortunately the region's network of drainage and stop banks as well as climate change has changed all that. The Marlborough region of New Zealand is now famously sunny and notoriously dry!


Beavertown was constructed in the 1960s, before the present Marlborough Museum building existed. It was built by volunteers from the Marlborough Historical Society, which was incorporated in 1955.


Many fascinating items can be seen through the shop windows. Beavertown is home to working stables and you can often meet Stuart the horse getting up to his usual tricks!


Beavertown is about to undergo a significant maintenance and redesign programme.

What exactly can you see in Beavertown?

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