Services & Industry

Services & Industry programme options cover...

S1   TIMBER MILLING             

A photographic journey through the Brownlee Saw milling empire. Study displays of old equipment and try your hand at double-ended sawing!  Optional field trip.     Years 1 - 12    

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S2   TRANSPORT                     

Based on the extensive collection of historic vehicles at Brayshaw Park and related photographic displays. A popular topic with flexible options and hands-on activities; including horse and carriage rides, Riverside Railway ride and blacksmith demonstration.  Let us plan your visit to include any combination of horse, train, aircraft, ship, cycle and car transport.      Years 1 - 8

S3   TRIKES AND BIKES            

The history of cycling told in audio-visual presentation and actual riding experiences in the old style. Adaptable to any level 


Large ships used to come up the Opawa River all the way to Blenheim town. Learn about these fascinating days with an optional trip on the “River Queen”.  Adaptable to any level


How did our ancestors make this difficult trip 100 years ago?  Horseback, stagecoach, train, riverboat, ferry and trams all feature.  Years 3 - 8


The life and hardships of a 3 month voyage on a colonial period immigrant ship. Fits in well with a visit to the Edwin Fox. Years 3 - 8

S7   100 YEARS OF FLIGHT      

A history of the past 100 years of aviation, with special emphasis on Marlborough from Kingsford Smith to Classic Fighters.  Fits in well with a visit to the new Aviation Heritage Centre at Omaka. Ask about the very favourable entry rates for schools in conjunction with this programme. Adaptable for all levels.

S8   WHALING                        

Displays of whaling implements and artefacts with supporting audiovisual presentation. Various field trips may complement this unit as appropriate.   Adaptable to any level 

S9   GOLD MINING                 

The principal features and effects of gold-mining, including technology, environment and community development. Options include an interpretative visit to Wakamarina mining sites, ghost town and cemetery with actual gold panning and/or a quality artefact display and panning at the Museum.     Years 3 - 8

S10   FLAX MILLING                       

Photographic display of early mills, supplemented by a field trip to Chaytor's Flaxmill. Options include worksheets, mapwork, artefacts and rope making (M3). Combines well with M2.    Years 3 - 8

S11   FIRE FIGHTERS                       

A fascinating visit to Beavertown Fire Station and its collection of early fire appliances and equipment. With dramatic Audiovisuals of the history of fire fighting and the Boxing Day Fires.   Years 1 - 4


An entertaining experience with displays of  "rubbish" art and re-cycled materials.  Years 1 - 8


A look at how the early settlers made a living.  Meatworks, dairy factory, brickworks, linen flax and wool scouring.  With option of a half-day field trip.     Years 6 – 8

HEArrivalinNZc1855.jpgS14   COLONIAL FARMING

Farming from the 1840s, looking at famous stations and personalities, machinery, equipment, animals and crops.  Customised to suit your locality.   Adaptable to any level.


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